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Bypassed Passlock now Security light always on

Cleaned my battery cables and battery. There was a bit of corrosion around the positive terminal but overall it was pretty clean.

Finally got time to bypass Passlock. I went behind the glove box instead of the radio. I followed a tutorial on or something. The link is here somewhere. Couple questions now. First the guy said pin A6 was yellow and B6 was black but mine was reversed. Looking at his pics I think he made a mistake.

Anyway, I reconnected the battery and turned the key on. The Security light came on but didn't flash? The guy said I would have to do a reset to get the BCM to store the new resistor value? Well the car starts fine but the Security light is always on now? WTH?

Kinda worried now. When that light was always on the car would sometimes lock up requiring a scanner to unlock it. Sounds like the connection is bad, like I basically just cut the yellow wire. But I disconnected the battery a couple times after and the car still starts fine. Thought you couldn't lose battery power if you just cut the yellow wire? So there must be a connection?

Anyway here's what I think, well guess what's wrong:
1. BCM gone.
2. Bad connections/corrosion on connector to BCM.
3. French guy at the Source store gave me a resistor out of the range of possible values.
4. Remote starter somehow interfering? It's not a bypass kind though. It's old.

Anybody got any ideas? Am I alright or is the car gonna lock down or require a reset? Why is the Security light on? Can the special GM scanner tell me the problem? Help!
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Old 05-28-2009, 05:43 PM   #22
mmm turbo boost
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dont quote me on this but i believe when you bypass passlock the light will always be on, but it doesnt matter
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Made the move :D
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I did the bypass on mine couple of days ago I do not get the security light on.
all the bypass does is tell the bcm that the required resistance is there.
you will need a scanner that can read the bcm and other modules codes.
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GAGT - Newbie
AKA: Chris
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Posts: 23
Vehicle: 2002 Grand Am GT Coupe
Chrifister Gettin' there
Not sure who has a meter down here I can borrow to test that resistor. Hopefully the BCM is still good. Heard it's prettty expensive.

I think the guy made a mistake in his tutorial. His pics look the same as mine. The wires are in the opposite places he said they were. As far as I can tell anyway. I assume I used the proper wires because there's only one yellow wire in the center connector at the BCM. Also the Security light came on.

Getting frustrated now. I'm fishing lobster from this little island in Quebec for the next 5 weeks. It's like 200 km long. No Pepboys or Autozone here. One crooked GM, a Toyota, a Ford, and a Honda dealer. Might be 2 other garages down here. Everyone on the island mostly does their own repairs. Also add the fact that except for this liitle english town of 500 people, the whole island only speaks french. I do not. So I think I'm gonna wait till I get back to PEI to figure out what's wrong.
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passlock, service engine soon, won't start

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