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AKA: Jeremy
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jlcargill Gettin' there
Cracked Head

I think I have a cracked head. It is a 2001 Grand Am GT with 157K miles on it. Is it worth fixing or should I sell as is. I did LIM last summer now this. What would it be worth as is?? The car is in great shape other then engine at this point. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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it depends if you're able to fix it yourself. so y do you think the head cracked open? pictures help too

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AaronGTR has made plenty of valid pointsAaronGTR has made plenty of valid points
What makes you think you have a cracked head? Have you done a compression test or anything yet? Anything visible?

Whether it's worth fixing or not... that really depends. If you can find a used head somewhere or pick one up at the junk yard, and if you are capable of doing it yourself, then it's not that expensive of a fix. Really just takes time. If you've done the LIM gaskets, you are practically to the point of removing the heads. Only other things you have to do is remove rockers, push rods, and lifters which is pretty easy... and unbolt the exhaust manifolds, which can be a bit more of a pain depending on how rusty the studs are. If you break one though, heck you are taking the head off anyway so should be easy to fix.

To reinstall the head though you'll need new head bolts and a good torque wrench. Bolts have to be torqued in a specific order to a specific spec.
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GAGT - Newbie
AKA: Jeremy
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Location: Wauseon OH
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Vehicle: 2001 Grand Am GT Sedan
jlcargill Gettin' there
I am overheating and getting bubbles in overflow tank for coolant, exhaust coming out by spark plug, white exhaust smoke, and loss of compression, and misfire on a cylinder. Pretty sure it is the head or possibly a gasket. But it probably got damaged last time I overheated from LIM failure.
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sugar ray
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sugar ray Gettin' there
at this stage their would be only one way to confirm 100%. Just pull the suspect head!! You have already done a LIM so you know what your up against. When I did my LIM I also did the head gaskets. Did it need it?? maybe not's one of those things that while your in there you might as well.

maybe you will get lucky and it will only be the gasket
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coolant, head, lim

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