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AKA: Jason
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Read Before Posting!

Please try to limit the number of attachments. If possible post from your own ISP or website. If you cannot please limit “Attached” pictures to the thread.

This is the forum where people come to share their hard work. Remember, time, money, and/or hard work are included behind the scenes of these pictures. Just think about what you post. As the saying goes, “Don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Instead of saying, “Dude, your car looks like @$$.” You should attempt to sound a little more intelligent and say, “Not really my style, but I do like what you did (insert item here).”

We are all here for the same (or similar) reason. These are your GA brother’s and sisters.

Edit (3/29/03): Taken from the Forum Guidelines
Flaming and Insulting
Basically it boils down to: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Flaming and insulting on the forum is not allowed. Everyone has a different style and taste, bashing only causes unneeded arguments. Conversely, if someone insults or bashes you, don't fire back at them on the board. If you feel the need to settle a score, do so in PMs or email. TIP: If you don't like someone on the board you can add them to your ignore list in the 'my profile' area.
And, do not use the word R!CE! You have been warned!
My Pics
2008 Auto Show Pics

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