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There are some more revelations in this story...

The Good News:

JerryH has released his tuning notebook to anyone out there who wants to see it. For those of you who don't know, JerryH is generally regarded as one of the top tuning gurus amongst the DHP community. This tuning notebook is highly sought after and probably the best learning device for a newcomer to the DHP community. It can be found in the following links.

Please use this link only as a backup if the above 2 links are not working.

The Bittersweet News:

JerryH and several other tuning gurus have announced that they will be migrating over to HPT's side. Of course its sad to see them leaving the DHP community. However, their addition to the HPT community will likely benefit the HPT community hugely. It has been said before that HPT's software is more capable, but their V6 community was lacking. This will probably change now that HPT is the only option we have.

So, I would now suggest to anyone who has not yet bought a tuner to stay away from a used DHP and get a HPT instead. HPT's community is now the place to be and will likely take GMV6 tuning to new heights. If you have recently purchased a DHP (like myself) you are not by any means screwed or out of luck. The PT boards are still open and are filled with information and as mentioned above, Jerry released his notebook again.
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Glad I didnt buy that.

Even if you can get ahold of a DHP program, I dont think I would buy it with no more technical support.

As for the future of HPtuners and their support, they have alot of platforms on their program, and I am sure that they would still be willing to keep on top of our cars as part of the line-up. It's possible with the rush of GA owners now turning to HPtuners, support could get better!
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Shock24Z Still kinda new, but learning
Originally Posted by lastyear4gt View Post
Even if you can get ahold of a DHP program, I dont think I would buy it with no more technical support.
They did not say they would stop with technical support. If you're PT breaks then they won't repair it, but I don't think I've heard of many, if any, cases in which hardware malfunctioned. Issues with tuning usually stem from users setting up their PT improperly or software bugs.

Like I said, HPT is the best option now. But the DHP community isn't completely dead yet.

more of Charles post...

- Software. Never said software support was ending. However, its not going to move any faster without hardware selling. Some points to discuss
- Yes people have volunteered. However, throwing X amount of people on a task does not make it finish in the time / X. Its a lot more complicated than that and just the overhead of
managing the work of multiple people over virtual offices (per se) further complicates it and makes it time consuming. I'm more than happy to bring people in; however, just throwing people at a problem (like just throwing money) does not solve everything.
- Opensource. Not going to happen anytime soon. Why? The attitudes by some (i.e. software should grow wings) here and on clubgp really makes me think twice about giving away work.
- 1.5 updates will happen.
- Data mapping updates. Not sure what to do with this. Will probably ensure that all vehicle yeras have consistent coverage at a minimum.
- NDA / Eddie. I'm really tired of this. The powrtuner is protected by US copyright laws. No one without express permission has the right to reverse engineer / modify / alter contents of the
powrtuner software. This includes data files, application software, algorithms contained in it. That extends to making your own ancillary program to edit data outside of the PT.
After looking at certain checksum algorithsm contained in certain utilities, its almost impossible to believe it was not 'borrowed'. Because of this, it was requested that certain people stop
distributing software.

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Hey I have the utmost respect for Charles and what he and DHP have contributed to the community.. In that regard he deserves mad props and thanx.. Its just a bummer that this product is getting cut due to incompetance of the supplier and the few who've created beef with DHP. Its hard enough keeping the aftermarket going for our cars. This just adds one more obstacle and limitation to the hobby.

Oh and I can respect not releasing the software open source.. It was merely a suggestion because in some ways it seemed like DHP was looking to wash their hands of this completely.

I'm not always a fan of the open source route due to, as mentioned, attitudes of those tightly intrenched in the Open source crowd. But thats a whole other conversation. As long as DHP is supporting the software they wrote, then big thumbs up.

Maybe I'll luck out and see if I can pick up one used. I'd give HP a shot but I'm familiar with PT and I've used PT when helping Schweppe with his car.
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There is a lot of speculation and mis-information being posted in this thread. Please do the community as a whole a very big favor, and before you post incorrect and /or incomplete information, please get your FACTS straight,, and preferably from the source. I think Charles Beyer's replies have been quoted directly in this thread, yet I read posters concerned about no more technical support - can you not read plain English ? They will continue to support EXISTING customers' software, DHP is not selling any new licenses.
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I think it's pretty safe to say that the Powrtuner is finished. Doesn't mean it wouldn't be useful to any 3400 GA owner. But if you are looking for custom stuff like a 2 bar MAP conversion, etc.. well, I wouldn't look there for it. Below is a partial copy from Charles replying to a question about the future of PT.

knowledge, and you get questions about open source so that willing people can continue to improve it. As a pioneer in the 3800 pcm tuning area and a large supporter of the 3800 community for years, it seems strange that you would want to stop any further development to a piece of software that was great, but needs a refresh, behind a copyright that isn't making you any $$ right now and possibly ever again. This simply feels like you're saying FU to the community that made you great. Yes, I know there is more to DHP than Charles Beyer, but that's a different story.
I wish I could only explain the ignorance of this in person. The community didn't make me or DHP. We brought a very important product to the community and people bought it. We reinvested the money and created products like the powrtuner. We donated large amounts to local meets/events. People in the community who didn't like our success stole our work and released competing products. The community (as a whole) didn't care? Why? Because the other products were cheaper. This continued for a couple cycles of retailers/vendors and eventually, we didn't make enough profits to reinvest for R&D or to donate anymore to events. Then the community that I owe so much to, soured on us as we obviously just were not the same guys we used to be. This is how we are at this point. (in a very campbell's condensed soup point of view). If you knew the behind the scenes for the last 5 years, you might be very surprised to realize just how much has occurred due to our existence to one extent or another. There's many products out now that would not exist or would have occurred in a very different way had we never existed.

Furthermore, I've done nothing but sacrifice almost every waking hour I've had to this and other projects for the community. What have I got in return? Yes, I've made some money, great. I've made some friends, great. I've wracked up numerous ER visits for health related issues that have hit me in the past couple years which are undoubtedly due to my lack of sleep from late hour work sessions. I have a wife that is beyond pissed because I'm never around. AND when one of the communities 'finest' vendors decided to screw us out of $30K daring us to sue him, how many in the community even gave one ****? I can count them on my hands ands toes, folks.

Then when I say enough is enough, the PT has reached its useful end (for multiple reasons) and I'm not going to give away the 'source' because it would only help those that have contributed to all the BS I've had to endure for the last 3 or 4 years, I have to read post after post of people who somehow think that I'm screwing the community.

For those people, I have two words. GET REAL.
From the sound of things, Charles should write a book on all this. It would probably be an interesting read.
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Well I am trying to get EFILive to get a tune file open up for 3100/3400/3800 but I need alot's of support to get this tuning file rolling since they dont got one yet for the 3100/3400/3800

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HP Tuners is also now coming out with new hardware which is pretty sweet from what I have seen. I wouldnt worry about them leaving for quite a while.

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