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Never Done......
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TruGreenGAGT's custom dome light mod

so as many of you know that have the dome lights with the rear seat map lights, when you open a door only the front bulb lights up an not the rear map lights.....well I set out on a little task to mod mine, so when I open a door all 3 lights come on. then still function seperatly with their own switch to turn just one bulb on if wanted.
after messing with the stock dome for a bit I figured out how GM wired it and also what the colored wires are. the plug has 3 wires (which should be the same for the domes with out rear seat map lights....making for an easy swap if wanted) orange, black, and white....another reason I wanted to do this, was so I could add two more LED strips across the top of the rear window and wire them to the rear map lights. to match my front windshield LED

Orange: constant +
Black: constant -
White: switched -

heres the stock SPST ON/OFF mini rocker switch for the rear maps

heres the new SPDT ON/ON mini rocker switch

then heres where things get kinda complex (sorry I had been drinking an mixed the colored wires) when you first open your dome the purple/gray wires will and should be attached near the 194twist lock bases....and the blacks on the brass plate.
the middle prong on the new rocker switches will be were the constant+ wires attach to (on mine the black wires).
then the constant- wires attach to the prongs nearest to the rear map lights (on mine purple/gray).
then the white wires which are the newly added switched- attach to the prongs nearest to the festoon bulb

to better show were the new white wire attaches so the rear maps turn on when the door is open

your finished product when the doors are open

also with the switches flipped back towards the rear maps will be the position for them to turn on when door is open....flipped forward towards the dash will turn that map light on while driving (if needed)
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No fair, Jim has all the good toys!!
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Because you were wearing a green shirt, with a green phone cover, a green hat, a green car with green interior with green on the green, a green green that you cleaned with simple green, and it all went with your green.
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Green is like the bat signal. Just type it and Jim's all over it

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