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GAGT - Newbie
AKA: bradley
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Vehicle: 2004
bradleyjt Gettin' there
04 SE2 intermittent misfire, bad gas mileage...

I have a 2004 grand am se2 with 37000 approximate miles. Replaced fuel pressure regulator and plug wires. Car seems to be a bit sluggish under normal driving conditions, long starts on occasion, and poor gas mileage. Coil packs were tested for continuity and were not an issue. Read that this could be a possible 7x crankshaft position sensor issue? Any ideas?
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sugar ray
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AKA: Sean
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sugar ray Gettin' there
My 02 3400 had similar symptoms. Ended up a plugged "cat converter" How slugish are you talking? I could pin my foot to the floor and top speed was like 80km's/hr (50 miles hr) After replacing the cat all was perfect!! Have you pulled the codes?
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