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Originally Posted by AaronGTR View Post
I didn't know they counted the weight of the person when weighing a car?
And even so, 400 lbs is huge. I'd call that gutted. You also forget, I've seen your car in person.

I know what a low 60 ft time does to the ET you f*cking dolt. It doesn't change the fact that your trap time isn't that high for the HP level you claim. And after you tried making fun of my trap speed. And I like how your car suddenly becomes stock heads, cam, block etc.... when it wasn't before according to you? Funny thing, that.

Also, I ran a 2.3 60' on 225 series street tires. Not really surprising there. "knowing how to launch" really doesn't have anything to do with it. I guess knowing how to put drag slicks on your car somehow makes you a genius and more skilled and knowledgeable about how to launch a car then me huh?
There's another name. "F***ing dolt" eh? I guess we'll need to copy and paste that later when you forget that is how you try to prove you're right.

I scaled it with me in the car because it was a drive-on scale, and that's how you do it on that track. Also as far as data is concerned, knowing what the wet race weight of the car with driver, helmet/safety equipment, fluids, fuel etc all together is more important for calculating things about the car then the dry/empty weight.

I'm confused by the things you say, yet again. You say that it's perfectly normal for your car to do a 103 trap speed with 320whp, but when a car makes 330whp, it should trap more than 112. Exactly how much trap speed do you think it should have exactly? Maybe you should drive it so that a poor launch would make the ET to trap speed ratio more to your liking.

My monte carlo had 225-60-16 all seasons, and with 360 whp, I was doing 1.95 60's on those tires. I can't help it if you can't figure out how to launch.
1999 Z34 - Was a Stage 3 3800 Supercharged, but not fast enough so I have some new plans for her.
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