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WidbyJ Gettin' there
Lucky find! Of course you checked the A-arm closely too, it looks like a curbing hit to me...
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Old 11-22-2011, 01:19 PM   #102
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I'm pretty sure it was from an accident about a year ago. I swerved into the median on the freeway to avoid hitting a large truck tire. In some places in Hawaii the wall is only a foot from the fast lane so I slammed right into the wall at 70mph. Long story short, I see now that the repair shop screwed me over on this one. My car was $400 away from being totaled so to save the job for them, they apparently failed to mention a cracked steering knuckle to me or my insurance company They did all the cosmetic repairs and I've babied the car since. I'm kinda pissed that only now I'm finding this but at the same time I'm thankful my wheel didn't fall off while driving over the last year!
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thapunisha333 Gettin' there
hate to revive the thread but, the 3 lights from the sensor pop on randomly for me and is prolly the connection cuz the previous owner crashed into a snow bank. When i reverse my LOW TRAC light pops on for a few seconds. is this related to the speed sensor and assembly or something different?
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i have been dealing with this issue since i bought my car and if after the first time you replace each wheel bearing or rotor the lights come back on then do not replace your wheel bearing anymore until they start to make a loud groaning noise that increases with acceleration. The issue with all of these cars is the pigtail wiring harness that comes from the electronic abs module to either of the front wheel bearing plugs. Over time or just randomly the wire can become damaged from salt, hot engine oil or coolant spilling on it or hitting something. When you drive or most likely when you turn the wheel all three lights and in some cases the red brakelight will come on because the wire has formed and break in it somewhere and it disconnects. The lights will stay on until you turn the car off and turn it back on and trip the break again. To fix this issue you must purchase the abs wheel bearing pigtail wiring harness and get underneath the car and wire it up in replace of the old wire. I discovered this almost a 3 years ago with the help of a Midas. The wiring harness can be ordered at most autoparts stores for around 80 dollars.

P.S. You can two wheel bearing front or rear on ebay for 60 dollars a pair. Made hear at Detroit axle. the makers of most of the OE parts for GM cars
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04GaGT1981 Gettin' there
yea wow, my 04 coupe does the same thing, i just shut it off, restart the car and it will go away for an inconsistent ammount of time, seems like i got a whacked sensor too

hey since were asking about sensors.....why would my tire pressure light never come on even with a flat tire?
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PhantomLover007 has made plenty of valid pointsPhantomLover007 has made plenty of valid points
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ABS/Trac off/SVS came on this morning.. Yay!!
Originally Posted by Ajaxus View Post
Oh, and I'm now house trained, so no more urinary issues to worry about.

My ride:
GA's ONLY SC/T'ed Grand Am according to CarDomain
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