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Old thread I know... but I'm not sure if this info has been posted before. I want to put something a little more in depth in here since this thread is sticky'd in case anyone is looking for it.

The stock specs on the grand am stud are:

Serrated Stud; Thread: M12-1.5 mm; Knurl Diameter: 12.73mm; Length: 41.5mm; Shoulder Length: 8mm

I believe you can run a 5-8mm spacer without longer studs. I'm thinking of getting some 8mm spacers so I'll check it out and see how much thread is left. They say you should be able to turn the nut onto the stud at least 3 full turns to be safe. If you run a spacer larger than that, you'll either need longer studs, or you have to use one of the much thicker spacers that bolt to the hub and have a second set of studs for the wheel to go on and a hub extension to go into the wheel center bore. You can usually get these in sizes 1" or more, and you can get the second set of studs in your stock bolt pattern, or in a different bolt pattern to match a particular wheel you want to use (ie 5x114.3, 5x100, 5x120).

If you are looking for longer studs, these ones from ARP would do the trick.
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