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Need some help around the shop.

So I've lost a couple employees this last year, and could use some extra help around the shop.

I don't require that you be an expert on cars when you start. Sometimes it's easier to start with a blank-slate so I don't have to un-teach bad habits. To start with, I would have you do things like sweep up the shop, put parts away, help ship orders, etc. If you have interest in working on cars, we could work you up by having you assist while you learn the ropes, and learn the way that we do things around here, before graduating to be able to work on cars by yourself.

I start everybody out an minimum wage, but there is room for advancement based off your performance, work ethic, and attitude.

So if anyone is interested in learning the right way to work on cars, while making some money, and maybe even build a car for yourself, send me a PM or an e-mail, and let me know you're interested, or if you have any more questions.
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