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A Tale of Two Sales

This time of year, (technically about a month or so ago) we would typically have a sale called Beat the Taxman, which coincides with the time you guys get your tax refund money, and we put on sale a large portion of our most expensive items to give you guys some great ways to spend your hard earned dollars and save some good money in the process. Well that's what we would do on a typical year, but this year things aren't quite typical are they? In this modern world, the key to survival is to adapt, and so we're adapting also. Today we're going to launch the Beat the Taxman sale, with some items you've seen before, and some new ones as well, but what's gonna be different this year is that we're simultaneously launching another sale, which I'm calling Cabin Fever. I've been getting a lot of calls lately from customers who are sick of sitting around their house with nothing to do but TV and video games. They want me to ship them some performance parts for their cars so they can do something productive with their newly-found free time. That's where this sale comes in. Cabin Fever will be focused on lower cost items, but most importantly, items that can ship out very quickly, most immediately.

Beat the Taxman sale will consist of items like:
-MMS turbo kits
-MMS 4t65eHD conversions
-MMS L36 to L67 and L26 to L32 top swaps for 3800 cars
-MMS Stage 2 packages
-MMS GA headers (which we are currently getting mass-produced right now)
-MMS rear cradles
-MMS lateral arm and trailing arm packages
-MMS 3800 Stage 2 and 3 heads
-MMS N-body Nitrous Kit
-MMS N-body M90 SC kit

This sale will run until May 15th, 2020

Cabin Fever will consist of:
-throttle bodies
-F-body brake conversions
-MSD plug wires
-Walbro and Aeromotive fuel pumps
-transmission mounts
-fuel injector kits

This will be the list for now, but we will likely change the list out from time to time to keep it fresh. This sale will run until the nationwide quarantine is over.

All of the items on sale can be found in our "Specials" section, here ...

I know these are tough times right now, but if we stick together as a country, we can make it through. In the meantime, here are some car parts to focus on something fun instead.
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