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New performance parts?

So I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but we've developed quite a few new parts in 2017, especially with that crazy 3900 6-speed project we wrapped up, and I was thinking about continuing the trend to design and develop more parts for 2018 as well.

Here's a few of the parts we developed lately:

-Stage 2 and 3 CNC'd heads for LX9 3500 engines
-Stage 2 and 3 CNC'd heads for LZ4 3500 engines
-Stage 2 and 3 CNC'd heads for LZ9 3900 engines
-Stage 2 and 3 CNC'd heads for 3800 SC and non-SC engines
-billet stroker crankshaft kit for a LZ9 3900 to increase displacement to 4.2L
-injector kits for LZ4 and LZ9 engines
-cam profiles for LZ4 and LZ9 engines - still need to make a group buy to get custom blanks made.
-ported intake manifolds for LZ4 and LZ9 engines
-billet flywheel/Spec clutch non-dual-mass clutch setup for F40 transmissions for use with 60 degree engines
-3800 turbo kits and turbo headers
-W-body tubular rear cradles
-tubular lateral arms and trailing arms for W-body vehicles
-tubular lateral arm and trailing arms for N-body vehicles
-Standard performance packages for 3100, 3400, 3500, 3800, 3800 supercharged engines

We also designed and produced a twin turbo kit for the 3900 in an N-body, and although we did not copy the design, we are able to make it again if needed. Same goes for the custom wiring harness, engine mounts, AC Delete, or any of the other parts we made for that big project.

We've even started developing a line of parts for a new platform.

These are some other ideas I'm considering for 2018 ...
-tubular rear cradles for N-body vehicles
-sway bars for various vehicles
-strut tower braces
-camber adjustment plates
-and a couple more I want to leave a surprise

So I was just wondering if any of you guys had some other ideas for products you might want, and if there is enough interest, maybe we could get them made.
1999 Z34 - Was a Stage 3 3800 Supercharged, but not fast enough so I have some new plans for her.
1999 Grand Am GT Race Car - 12.1 sec ET, STOCK motor, 10 psi
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