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Exclamation tap tap & more

hey guys this yesterday into today i started hearing a clicking or tapping from my engine and it speeds up with my rpms, i'm late on my oil change by about 2,000 miles and was wondering if it could just be a valve tapping as it sounds like its coming from the upper backside of the engine. i'm planning on changing my oil later tonight and would also like to know if i should change to a synthetic oil or keep with standard and i'm still using 10-w40 is this what i should stick with?

Since Iím on the topic of issues Iím having, my brakes seem to have hesitation in them. When I go to stop it almost seems like the rotor is warped and as the brake pad compresses it only starts to touch certain areas of the rotor at first. As I press the brake harder it starts to smooth out yet the brake pedal vibrates with pressure. Is there any easy way to check if my rotor is warped??

Last but not least on my drivers side front tire there is a humming that started about 2 weeks ago and I believe it is my wheel bearing, is there any way to check this and how hard is it to replace on a grand am.

Thanks for all your help guys

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