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sugar ray
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sugar ray Gettin' there
3.4 head replacement options?? Adding OBX headers

02 SE 3.4

I did the bad LIMS 7 years ago. Bought my ride brand new and it gets parked during our brutal Canadian winters. Anyways, just before putting it away last winter I developed the dreaded white smoke out of tail pipe at start up only then clears a few seconds later. Compression test and bad head gasket. Never over heated but know it's bad so stripped it all down. Cars got 196,000 Kms (not miles) and is in terrific shape. Heads look ok but will have to investigate further to ensure no warping. I bought a set of OBX headers off eBay cheap, guess they are trying to dump old stock no one really wants anymore?? Read some acceptable reviews on them, no their not pace setters but price was right.

Was considering rebuilding the heads while their off but parts and machine shop time, I'm seeing rebuilds on eBay for $300/pair. Cheaper and less headache and if one of my heads turns out to be not true flat, this becomes a nice option.

My only concern is quality of these vendors that list the rebuilds?
I'm not asking to win any 1/4 mile races. Just want to put it all back together knowing I'll get some trouble free miles in the future. Heads are cheap for 3.4s, but quality may be a different story

Any suggestions??

Many thanks
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