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Wheel spacer size for 7.5" wide wheels with +51mm offset

Hello everyone.

I have an 03 Grand am GT I'm piecing back together. My stock rims are completely shot, cracked, bent, etc. Tires are shot as well. A buddy of mine gave me a set of 17" rims that have a +51mm offset. I think they're stock wheels from a Bonneville. I also have a set of 235/45-17 tires with less than 5000 miles, that I can put on these rims. I know ideally I should stick with the stock rim and tire size, but I'm working on a very limited budget, so I'm thinking a set of spacers, and longer studs if necessary, will be quite a bit cheaper than replacing all 4 rims and tires. Can anybody give me an idea what size spacers I would need to make these rims and tires fit without any rubbing? The rims themselves do fit as is, but the lip on them come so close to the struts in the rear, I would say they have a fraction of a mm's worth of clearance from the rim lip. I had to remove the balancing weights from them cause the weights were hitting the strut. They front wheels also rub very slightly on the inside when turned in all the way. The tires on them right now are 215/50-17, which also just barely clear the strut, and are way too worn to drive on. Ideally, I'd like to go as small as possible with the spacers, but I also want to be sure the rims and 235 tires will clear everything.

These wheels have a 7.5" width, as opposed to the 6.5" width of my stock wheels. This is the whole reason for my post, and I almost completely forgot to mention it. I've looked over the sticky about wheel sizes, hubrings and more, so it seems pretty easy to calculate the difference in offset between these wheels and my stock wheels, but with a 7.5" rim, I'm thinking that will also change the backspacing, bringing these wheels closer in the back than my stock wheels, but how much closer? If the offset of these wheels brought the mounting surface exactly center with the wheel, I would think it would just be a matter of an extra half inch from the front and another half inch from the back, but obviously, this isnt the case, and this is where the confusion comes in for me. I think what I really need to know is what size spacer I would need to increase the backspace enough to keep the wheels from rubbing anything on the inside.

I've also just replaced all 4 struts on this vehicle with a set of KYB's. One of the lower mounting holes on these struts is elongated for adjusting the alignment. Since I'll need to have an alignment done as well, I'm wondering if a wheel/spacer combination will be a problem for getting a proper alignment. What do you guys think?

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