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Corvette Calipers

I apologize in advance for the long read but I could really use some help here.

I bought some Corvette calipers off a member here recently but I'm having some problems getting them installed. I'm not sure if they are in good condition since the brackets that came with them both had a rusted caliper pin (one of which sheered off completely inside the bracket.) I bought new brackets , pins and brake pads prior to installing but now I'm still having issues.

I put the brakes together on Saturday and drove it home. There was a grinding noise that I assumed would go away after the new pads wore into the used rotors. The noise dulled down while driving but I think that's due to the pads heating up too much and providing less friction. I drove the car to church on Sunday and the grinding was still there by the time I got home. I also noticed a bit of a stutter when braking and assumed maybe one of the rotors was slightly warped. Because of this, I bought new rotors today. When I everything apart tonight, I found that the pads on the driver's side have worn down about 50% in just two days. Definitely something wrong and probably not due to the rotors.

Today, I tested things out while I had the car up on jackstands so that I could run the front tires freely. The brakes still grind (on both sides) and all I can figure is that the calipers simply aren't releasing enough pressure to let the pads lift off the rotors. I even put the wheels back on to guarantee that the rotors were firmly pressed against the hub but the pads still won't fully release from the rotor when the brake pedal is released. (I already checked the dust shields and ensured that they are not touching the rotors.)

In the end, I put the original calipers back on but the car is undrivable thanks to a corroded bleeder valve that prompted the change in the first place. I can get a set of used calipers tomorrow but I'd really like to put the Corvette ones back on if anyone can tell me what's wrong. Here's my parts list:

Corvette calipers (bought used)
Camaro brackets and pins (all new)
Impala rotors (old set of drilled slotted or brand new "plain" rotors)
Camaro brake pads (came with hardware but I don't think I used it)
Corvette Caliper hardware kit (new anti-rattle clip and slides)

Basically, the only old parts are the calipers so I'm leaning towards them. What are the odds that they would be the primary cause of the grinding and what can be done if they are?
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