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Classified Disclaimer / General FS Guidelines - Reposted

The For Sale / Wanted sections here on are here as a convenience for our members to buy/sell/trade miscellaneous items without the hassle and fee’s of eBay style websites.

Please read the following important information prior to entering into any transaction on the forum.

- and it's staff will, in no way, be held responsible for any transaction which takes place or initiated by an advertisement on and that previous info/ratings/feedback should be taken only as a guide.

This extends to the quality of items provided, unsatisfied deals, loss of money and/or goods or further outlay for court costs etc.

- and it's staff are not here to arbitrate. We will offer advice where we can, but it is down to the individual to seek a resolution.

Please do not PM Admin/Moderator staff asking for them to contact the user concerned. Much against popular belief, if they ignore your PM's they can do the same to ours. We will not take on individual cases for you.

Last log in times can be found in the users profile, as can other details, like email addresses.

-, will, supply more in-depth details ie: IP address, email address (if not shown in profile) Content of PM's if requested by the relevant authorities. Please remember, we are restricted by certain aspects of the Data Protection Act.

- will take action against the user concerned after the matter has been resolved or a reasonable time has passed. Either an outright ban will be given, or a "tag" and restricted forum access.

The classifieds and deals within are based on trust. It is up to you to make it work.

The overruling majority of deals on are conducted honestly and smoothly, but sometimes, things do go wrong.


The above content is subject to change, and no prior notice will be given

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