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3400cavyhatch Gettin' there
Budget 3500 lx9 plenum swap!

Figured I would post this over here too...

I swapped to a 3500 plenum on the 3400 in my Alero and documented it in some videos so that others thinking of the swap know what is involved! Also used a 65mm LX5 Throttle body at the same time! *part 1* *part 2* *part 3*

Going to get some more vids up over the winter with some more mods that I will be doing!
1993 Chevy C1500 3100v6 turbo
2004 Alero 3400 bone stock with a cheap muffler 15.32 @ 88.69
99 Alero 3500 swap running(from 2.4). ported and polished heads. totaled by a honda
2002 GAGT 3500 swap

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