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Axle Seals and Trans front pump seal

Well the time has finally arrived. Made it 50,000 more miles than I expected. Car currently has 220K on original trans. Blew it up last weekend. So I just picked up a trans with 34K on it. The salvage yard told me they advise I replace the front pump seal and the axle seals. I haven't had an opportunity to take a real good look at this thing yet. I know that some seals require a special installation tool which I do not have. Some do not. I have a 2005 Grand am GT. Do I need anything special to install any of the new seals or do I just bang them in with a socket as usual? Also does anyone have the part numbers for all 3 seals. Any help you can provide is much appreciated as I want to install all of this, this weekend.

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Axle seals you can use a socket but you have to be careful.

Front pump seal im not sure
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Output shaft CR# 16122
Converter/input CR# 17849

In the absence of the proper seal driver, output seals can be fitted with an appropriately sized impact socket or even a block of wood cut square.

Input seals are more challenging to install without the proper installation tool, as the pump shaft and stator support typically extend beyond a socket's depth. A section of appropriately sized schedule 40 or 80 pvc pipe can sometimes be fashioned as a seal installer; fitting a cap or plug to the struck end enables the mallet blows to be centered over the seal. Driving the seal by walking around the perimeter with a drift and hammer is possible, but requires significant patience and quite a bit of finesse. If the latter method is attempted and the seal winds up ****ed/distorted, don't attempt to hammer it in flat; start over with a new seal.
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