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Old 09-22-2022, 09:36 AM   #261
GAGT - Junkie
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Ajaxus Gettin' there
Originally Posted by geldartb View Post
how's it going?
It goes. :O
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My office (up front)
AKA: Wayne
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I joined when racing stories were allowed, with a different username back then. I only had my 99 GT for 2 years (before it was totaled) Made the "N body" car of the month. Ended up driving a 2002 Civic for 14 years before getting a 2016 WRX. Sold that I bought a 2022 Model 3 Performance a year ago.
"My office is 34,000 feet high, you can have your desk job."
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GAGT - Junkie
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Almost 21 years... damn
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drfab = newb

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