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AaronGTR has made plenty of valid pointsAaronGTR has made plenty of valid points
Originally Posted by gandolf77 View Post
When they did my LIM, there was coolant leaking from the head gasket. So they had the cylinder head machined and they replaced the head gasket.
Gotcha. So there was a bad head gasket too, and they removed the heads and probably decked them a few thou to make sure they were flat and would seal properly, then re-installed. Thats what I was wondering.

And just to add something about synthetic, it's actual purpose it to maintain viscosity. It doesn't get as thick as regular oil when it's cold, or as thin when it's hot, so it stays in the target viscosity range over a wider range of temperatures. That's why it protects better.
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It is obvious that you haven't bought German Castrol Syntec 0W-30 synthetic motor oil before

(or 1 US Quart bottles in the US.)

Is it worth it to change from US Castrol Syntec 5W-30 to German Castrol Syntec 0W-30 ?
Hell, yeah !

I run all year round.
German Castrol Syntec 0W-30
with a NAPA Gold 1036 (oversized, similar to an AC Delco PF-52 in size) oil filter.
you are right i havent bought it but I am aware it only comes in 1L bottles was just saying for ex at canadian tire the 0w30 GC 1L bottles are the same price as other 1L bottles of syntec

i use napa gold filter too but only normal size, so the part # for the over size is 1036, thats awesome, next oil change im going GC!
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leak, synthetic

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