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GAGT - Newbie
AKA: Josh
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di$TOrTed Gettin' there
turn signal won't stop clicking

Ok, i have a small problem. The little clicker in the cabin that clicks when you use your turn signals........ well it just randomly clicks. I will be driving down the road and it starts clicking then stops then starts again. It is just completely random clicking. It will only click a few times or it will click for a continuous 20 seconds, etc. The signals work fine it's just the little clicking noise that isn't functioning right.

Any suggestions as to how I can fix this?

I disconnected the battery and connected it again and this didn't do anything to help it.
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GAGT - Member
AKA: Paul
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Pauljp Gettin' there
There is a monster thread about this problem with instructions how to fix it and even pictures. Bottom line is, it's dirt in your multi-switch on the steering column. Take it apart and clean the grease out and regrease with di-electric grease. Fix time about 30 minutes. I did mine last year.

Here is the thread:
How-To: Fixing The Random Clicking Signal Sound
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bruizdga Gettin' there
Originally Posted by di$TOrTed View Post

Any suggestions as to how I can fix this?
I turn up the radio really loud - clicking doesn't bother me anymore!
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