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GA Nightmare
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GA Nightmare Gettin' there
Bringing back an old thread...

Anyway, i noticed that my low coolant light has been coming on AGAIN lately. Last time this happened so regularly, I had to replace the lower intake gasket @ 42,000 miles. My 1999 GAGT now has 118,000miles. I did noticed that the leaking of coolant has been coming from the overflow tank its self. I noticed two little cracks in the tanks, on the right side closest to the fender. I guess I'm buying myself a new overflow tank off eBay.

How do you check if the cooling fans are coming on correctly??
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gagt Mechanic
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have your car on and wait for it to get warm. if you have a diag scanner, you can command them on, but this dosent always mean they work when they should. when you turn on your ac, your high speed fan should turn on.
If you have a cracked surge tank your eng may not reach the right temp to turn them on without boiling over. the cooling sys needs pressure, if you remember science class, liquid under pressure will have a higher boiling point than at atmospher. thats why race cars run raidiator caps with higher psi threshold. they can run hotter without boiling the coolant.
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