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Badly rusted undercarriage

I dreaded the day this would happen but this is the 2nd time my mechanic has told me i should buy a new car because the car is rusted. There is already rotting on the subframe or body underneath and i have to replace the brake and fuel lines. My right hub assembly needs replacing soonbut its still ok. Its really no problem though but if my mechanic seems frustrated in having to fix rusted parts common sense would be to get a new vehicle.

However my finances don't agree. I recently bought a condo and already ill need to buy a new fridge and a washing machine. The garage door opener doesnt work well with the remote and i didnt notice the damage to the door itself which will need to be replaced. I already spent $300 to get a working door remote.

So at this point i couldn't even spend over $4,000 on a new car. In 5 years i can get a Camaro, 2-4 years old and have no problem paying it all off at once or very close to it. I just can't put a loan on it. Not to mention i don't want no Honda Civic or Toyota Camry. They're not performance cars so that's a no go.

Found a 2013 Ford Mustang for $8,000 on Carmax but by the time i get the money together for that it'll be sold. So at this point i am hoping for progressive repair work on undercarriage. I won't get much money in the condition its already in. The outer body itself is good, engine and transmission work fine, other than a worn out overdrive.

I guess my question is this, if need to be can body shops clean repair some of the damaged undercarriage from the rust rotting for a decent price? It would need to be cleaned and patched up if i decide to sell it. Otherwise its doomed to hit the junk yard. I don't know how bad it really is without an autobody shop to look at it. Im ok in spending $1000 to getting it to a decent level where itll last a good 5-10 years.

Again dont know how well the main frame is holding up and how long that will last, let alone whether its fixable, most likely fsr more pricey. I could do some of the work and possibly hire someone i know that may save me a bit of money and putting some extra cash in their wallets. That also depends on if there is a garage available to work on it for 5-7 hours a day with it still drivable. Any suggestions are fine.

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