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RCA Or Amp Issue?

Hey guys long time no see.

so i've got an issue with my kenwood amp. i bought it probably 10 ish years ago, and its been very reliable up until this point. specs in link below


this is going to be a bit of a read so i apologize and thank you in advance for taking the time.

my pioneer head until has 4 rca's out. 2 for front, 2 for back/sub. the problem is that those RCA cable are on the left side of the head unit. well in my car there is some sort of metal dash support that actually hit the rca's and prevent the head unit from being pushed in all the way. so to solve this problem i had, years ago, i just went to radio shack and bought two 90 degree rca connectors. that worked great. i just ran rca's out from my 4 channel front out (the kenwood) to my 2 channel rear amp (cheap crappy mtx), than from the 2 channel rear amp to my sub amp.

now a few years ago i had my at the time kicker rear amp rca's, going into my boston acoustics (gt-28) sub amp. well, the kicker amp blew up one day, smoke and all, and took my awesome boston amp with it.

so fast forward to today because i had a cheap crappy amp going to my rear speakers, i didnt want it to also blow up and blow my sub amps. when i hooked up this head unit years ago i always thought it was something i would eventually get around to, but then life happened and days turned into weeks, and weeks to years.

finally i ordered rca 90 degree splitters for my sub rca's. got around to putting them in this weekend. that was my first mistake, if it aint broke dont fix it.

so i pull my HU out and the radio shack rca's basically shatter. so now i'm back to square one. so i put the new rca 90 degree adapters back on the front output and try to put the HU back in. and of course it is hitting the metal dash mount. so i use my air hammer to basically bend the h*ll out of the dash mount to get clearance. HU goes back in all is well.

i've had my front left tweeter cutting in and out for about a year now off and on. when it is cutting in and out it drives me insane. it makes the sound kind of like a needle going over a record. so i figure i'll fix that too. as it turns out i think it was the actual amp at fault. i've got a dead channel. so i just hook it up to the 6.5 woofer output and turn the amp from 4 channels to two. all is well. or so i think.

now i turn on the HU to make sure everything is working and tune it. well, when i turn the HU up over about 1/2 way, my front and rear amps shut off. i've got the switch wire going from the kenwood front amp, into the mtx rear amp. as it turns out i have an E3 error code on the display of the amp. looking at the manual it says E3 is a speaker cord shorted/grounded (info in my link).

i think it has to do with the tweeter speaker wire that i just put in with the woofer. so i take off the positive to both the tweeter and woofer wires, and turn it up and it still cuts out. so then i but positive back on and unhook the ground of both. same error. i do this to ever speaker wire on the amp. take it off, get the error, hook it back up, and unhook the next one. same error.

now i'm really confused. so i think maybe i have a grounded RCA? just trying to eliminate all possibilities. i happen to have a surround sound receiver out in my garage. so i run an rca from that into the kenwood amp. its the subwoofer out rca, but i didnt think that would matter. so i crank it up and still get an error 3 code. now i'm out of time. so i just hook up the rca's to the rear mtx amp and not anything to the kenwood fronts.

i'm pretty sure i just need to get a new front amp but i wanted to run it by someone else before i dropped money and possibly wont fix the problem. i know its a long read and a lot of info so thanks again for your time.

also if i do need a new amp what current brands do you recomend. looking for SQ. i'd prefer 4 channel, but if price is right 2 channel will do. front speakers are boston Z6 comps. been out of the car audio game for probably 8 ish years now so any help would be awesome. also i will never buy kicker amps again.

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