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A few words on what is "the best."

I have read so many detailing posts both here and on other forums, and I also feel I have sufficient knowledge to comment on a few things. DISCLAIMER: I am only posting this to give you all some tips, not to bash, seem condesending, etc.

I have seen so many people across the Internet proclaim that a product is "the best." What does "the best" really mean? Is there really "the best?" In my opinion, no. To me, "the best" is whatever looks great to you. Sure, some products do things a little differently, but in the end, it's all about how you use the products and what looks good to you.

The wants and needs of consumers definitely dictates what products one will use. As I have said before, a typical "wax" will give you a deeper finish, while a sealant will typically give more "shine" with lower levels depth. However, some can give the best of both worlds, which is nice. Again, neither of these products are really better, rather it's a matter of preference in terms of finish and durability.

The same goes for polishes. I personally like 1Z products, while other like the new Zaino product, etc. The Zaino product is great, but I feel dollar for dollar, 1Z is just as good a product. Again, preference.

I know this is going round and round, and what I really want to say is that nothing is the ultimate best, in general. Whatever you want to use is up to you. Zaino is great, so is Meguiars, so is Mothers, so is 1Z...You get my drift. The key to any last step product is prep. I will be honest and say that a two dollar wax can look just as good as a two thousand dollar can of Zymol Estate if the prep is the same. Prep is key...rid the car of swirl and scratches, and any product will look great. I challenge you to try'll be surprised.

As for me, well, I am constantly trying new things, which is way too costly.. Seriously, right now I am very fond of Mother's polishes and their Reflections "wax." If I am going specialty, I love 1Z products, especially for my German paint. I like Zaino, but I don't like that, in my opinion, it isn't much fun. I can't use some of the glazes I like to use when using Zaino, and to some degree, it is still a little too shiney on black. Maybe I will break down and buy some with the new polish..who know?!?

Just remember that unless you garage the car all of the time and are absolutely anal about washing, your car will never be flawless. Mine isn't, as much as I try. Just get it to where you are happy and it looks good to YOU. That is what is important..

Hope this provides you with something good....keep detailing...and trying new combos!

Love the GTO, but I still miss the GAGT...sometimes
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tipnitty has made plenty of valid pointstipnitty has made plenty of valid points
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Seriously....a 7 year old thread? Gtfo this forum.
Originally Posted by TDavis View Post
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Originally Posted by forsyther View Post
Yes it is very correctly said that whatever suits you will be best for you. Yes a very correct example is given, that some will prefer deep cleansing of hair and other will say that they prefer less deep but shining cleansing of hair. So the product that matches your demand is best for you.
Is nobody going to ban this guy....this is the second post he has made in regards to hair cleansing. By he I mean the clever web-roaming bot.

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