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LuvMy03GT Gettin' there
Stalling at lights

Hi all!! y Daughters 1997 Grand Am is stalling when she stops at traffic lights. Other than that, the car runs fine. Could it be the idle air control valve?? Thanks
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Dammit Sleepy
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bricooper78 has made plenty of valid pointsbricooper78 has made plenty of valid points
Most certainly could be, I had a 2.8 that did that for a bit before I figured it out

That has the 3.1 v6 in it i assume?
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no sht it's spreading like a disease..and you guys aren't even picking decent cars to turn into garage queens..
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the resulting violent shake at highway speed may cause loss of control, white knuckles, loss of dental fillings, urinary incontinence and sudden religious conversion.
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