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For frogsí snacks. You are just patronizing the group at this point. Post a fatal rust concern without pictures? You know what you have. Send it to the boneyard, part it out, make a Christmas ornament out of it; we donít care. You Need to spend more $$ than it is worth or you need a new car. Either option is fine. If itís a labor of love, fix it right and enjoy the resurrection. If itís a beater, well, you know. Few will give you encouragement to put a turd back on the road without proper repair.
Where was Bunkie when we needed him?

Originally Posted by cardude007617 View Post
I'm pretty sure you don't need 600HP to merge safely onto a freeway. and if you do, you're doing it wrong.
Originally Posted by bricooper78 View Post
how do you think i ever got girls to show up? i'm only paying for so many of them
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Please show some photos
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