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Old 09-22-2022, 10:36 AM   #261
GAGT - Junkie
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Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Missoula, MT
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Vehicle: '01 Subaru Outback LTD
Ajaxus Gettin' there
Originally Posted by geldartb View Post
how's it going?
It goes. :O
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Old 02-02-2023, 06:40 PM   #262
My office (up front)
AKA: Wayne
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: Oregon- home / Minneapolis - work
Age: 41
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Vehicle: 2002 Civic EX
Silver02EX Gettin' there
I joined when racing stories were allowed, with a different username back then. I only had my 99 GT for 2 years (before it was totaled) Made the "N body" car of the month. Ended up driving a 2002 Civic for 14 years before getting a 2016 WRX. Sold that I bought a 2022 Model 3 Performance a year ago.
"My office is 34,000 feet high, you can have your desk job."
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Old 03-15-2023, 10:29 PM   #263
GAGT - Junkie
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AKA: Nick
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2002GT Gettin' there
Almost 21 years... damn
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Old 07-11-2023, 04:54 PM   #264
GAGT - Junkie
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AKA: Michael
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Location: Denver, CO USA
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Vehicle: 2018 Fusion
Mike3800 Gettin' there
21 years since I joined. I am not dead yet.

(My best post ever)
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Old 07-15-2023, 09:21 AM   #265
With the quickness
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AKA: Brendan
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: N.Brookfield ,ma
Age: 41
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Vehicle: 03 Outback H6
geldartb has made plenty of valid pointsgeldartb has made plenty of valid points
christ it's been 19yrs as of last month..
My Motorpia My Fquick Garage Got Lope

Originally Posted by SikMindz View Post
Well you shouldn't have left your laptop exposed when there was a chance of golden showers...
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Old 08-24-2023, 02:18 PM   #266
Wiley 'Ol Veteran
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AKA: Bob (aka Hoss)
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: Azerbaijan
Age: 47
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Vehicle: See My Signature Block
AMRAAM4 a trusted member
21+years. Thought I'd check in.
2016 GoMango Challenger SRT Hellcat
2014 Redline Pearl Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT
2018 Bruiser Grey Dodge Durango SRT

TRADED-2004 Black Grand Am GT,2004 Impulse Blue GTO M6, 2012 Mineral Gray Jeep SRT8, 2010 Bright Silver Jeep SRT8
LEASE TURN-IN-2006 Summit White TrailBlazer SS AWD (Vector CAI & tune)
SOLD-2000 Silvermist Grand Am GT Supercharged,1994 Daytona Blue Single Turbo RX7 (427whp/330wtq), 2006 Spice Red GTO A4
, 2013 Grabber Blue Shelby GT500
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Old 09-20-2023, 01:52 AM   #267
Old School Pontiac
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AKA: Adam
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: Eighty Four, PA
Age: 40
Posts: 1,050
Vehicle: '99 30th TA/08-09 G8
SC/T02 Gettin' there
Send a message via AIM to SC/T02
Over 20 years. Taking a look around at what once had a hundred posts a day
You know better then to Hassel the Hoff!
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Old 11-05-2023, 11:01 AM   #268
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AKA: Aaron
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: Detroit area, MI
Age: 45
Posts: 12,258
Vehicle: 2000 Grand Am GT1 2dr
AaronGTR has made plenty of valid pointsAaronGTR has made plenty of valid points
Yep, 21+ years for me. Basically since they "rebooted" the site and moved it to a new server, iirc. So everyone who rejoined after that from the original site has the same "join" date.
The few, the proud, the boosted!
13.788 @ 103.73 mph (3/2011) 320 whp and 300 ft/lbs torque. (3/2011)
See it here. the total package.
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Old 11-13-2023, 04:07 PM   #269
Mr. Common Sense
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AKA: Matt
Join Date: Aug 2002
Location: Loves Park, IL USA
Age: 49
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Vehicle: 2000 Alero GLS sedan
mfuller a trusted member
Gawddamn I'm old.
Matt - Resident brake and suspension guru
Also, your friendly Performance and Technical Moderator
Please don't tailgate, text and drive, drink and drive, or otherwise act like an asshat.
3 fouled plugs, 2 exhaust leaks, and a worn-out synchro.
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drfab = newb

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