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Question the fate of

Since GM has announced that the brand name Grand Am will be going away with the next generation N-Body.. where does this leave To be honest, that's a good question.

It's not like once the G6 is released that all GAGT owners will cease to exist, but what do we do with all the new G6 owners? After some careful planning and to be honest, a little gambling, we came up with a solution. will be launching a sister site!!! We took a gamble a few months back and aquired the domain name and sat on it until an announcement was made and just our luck, it paid off.

Right now we're not sure how the site will be layed out, or what sort of content will be on it. We're deciding about merging the content of with We may create a separate forum or sub section within the current form for the G6 content. We still have pleanty of time to figure that out.

So fear not, once the new line is released, we'll be working with to get new products out to you like we did with the current generation and we'll be welcoming all the new G6 owners to the Grand Am/ G6 community.

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