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Question Strobe Light install (OR...How NOT to drill headlights)

SO....I get this great strobe light kit (I say for fire company use, but I think it looks cool as hell). Anyway, I threw caution to the wind (bad idea) and started installing the lamps in the headlighs last night. This involves drilling a 1 in ch hole in the light housing to accept the strobe tube. Anyway......I do the passenger side first, and things go really well. Only a very tiny bit if silver flaked off (I installed these above the small orange parking light). SO I go to do the driver side, and that's when things get bad. This side was WAY more brittle then the pass. side. I forgot that the pass. side was new (due to an accident). Well, I did get the driver side installed, but we'll see how long it lasts. Many chips and broken plastic while installing the screws Now, on to the hassle that is the wiring!!! Anyone know of a good pass through point from the engine compartment to the passenger compartment??? I will try to get pictures a.s.a.p. for anyone interested. The strobes (4 of them) are run by 1 6 outlet (I can add 2 in the future) 90 watt power supply. Should be bright as all get out once hooked up. If you do this, BE CAREFUL when drilling headlight assemblies. Mine are still usable, but the driver side is alll crazed in the headlight area (not sure if it was prior to the install though).
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