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Window scratches

Has anyone gone in to ge their windows fixed? I know in the TSB list it says that the fix is to get the spacing between door panels widened, but when I went to the dealer to check it out, see how much it would cost and all, first, he hadnt even heard of it and looked at me like I was a moron, and then after he went to check on it, gave me this line about how the fix is to replace the glass intirely, that it was made too thick or some crap. Im not really too keen on buying new windows, and then getting them re-tinted, although Ill probably have to get the tint done again due to the long vertical scratches in them.
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My 2 front ones were replaced under warranty, and I think they widened the gap as well. No problems so far.
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he is right, the windows were made too thick
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They replace the windows, widen the gap, and replace the felt pads. It costs over $1000 CDN to fix it out of warranty, free under warranty.
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