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Question On/Off Switch

Under the steering column there is an on/off switch. I havn't been able to figure out what it goes to. I was curious weather it was factory installed or if the previous owner put something on it? Can someone tell me if it is factory installed or if it is something else? Does anyone else have it? It is a little silver switch.
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are there any buttons next to it? sounds like the cruise control... if there are two more buttons that say "SET COAST" and "RES ACCEL" its the cruise control and it comes stock...if thats not it then uhhh i dunno ill hafta run out to my car n take a look...o and welcome to the site
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If I had to bet it is not a factory switch, flip it see if it does anything, look for wires coming off the switch and trace where they go.
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My guess is alarm related if its under the steering column, is there an aftermarket alarm installed on it or do you have a pic of it?
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could be a remote starter disable (safety) switch.
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