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white sludge in oil

Hi, I have a 93 2.3L and have a white sludge on the dipstick although the oil itself is clean. I have replaced the thermostat but its still there. I understand it may also be the lower intake manifold allowing coolant into the oil. I mainly do highway driving. Any ideas?
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ive heard that its from coolant gettin into your oil, dont know how it gets in tho
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a freind of mine had a 3.1 in a monte carlo and i think he had the same thing it was the intake dont remember which one.
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If I were I would not drive the car. If you have the white sludge syndrome that means there is a good amount of coolant in your oil and damage will soon follow or may have already happened. It doesn't take much water to destroy your crank bearings. I know this all to well. Better to park and fix then to blow it up and replace the whole motor.
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sound like coolant, i dont think it is good to drive with it in your oil!
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With a 2.3 it very well could be a cracked head. I had a 92 Acheiva with the HO version and it happened to me twice.
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This actually for once might not be a LIM issue. First guesses would say LIM, but it seems like I read somewhere once about white sludge on your dipstick having something to do with not letting your car warm up. Might wanna search around more. May or may not be LIM.
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so if I got an nbody for an alero it would fit perfectly to a ga?
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Could be the LIM or the Intake manifold. Thats what happen to my bertta. Two years ago.
If its any of these problem as old as ur car is. it may be time to look for something else.
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