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inbox full?

this goes/applies mostly in the wanted/4 sale area.......whenever someone sells something good or cheap and they get flooded w/ PM's......well they wont be able to receive any more messages........

for example....the other day i PM someone about some took me like 30 min to thought about what to say and all the typing only come and find out his inbox was full......the system should recognize that if someone 's inbox is shouldnt allow another person to PM him until he has cleaned up his box so that more messages can be received......or a way of letting the correspondent that the receipient's box is full BEFORE writing the message......not after writing it....specially on long pm's......

hope i made sense
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orrrrr.....always copy what you type so it doesnt erase, and if the pm doesnt go through, email him/her.
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hehe I still had PMs from August 04.
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