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Old 02-22-2005, 06:57 PM   #1
Look at that ass!!
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help i'm confused!!

hey everybody i am soo confused on what to do.. this is my first day on this site.. what should i do.. i own a '99 grand am gt .. is there a certain forum i should stick to? should i take pictures of my car and post them here? should i join a group? i'm soo confused!! but thanks for any feed back!!
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its pretty self explanatory... pictures of your cars go in the "members car gallery" area

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I would also like to say welcome and to warn you that someone here will probably repy with some rude smart@ss remark about you starting this thread in the wrong section. Don't take it the wrong way some on here like to jump down peoples throats not realizing they are new to the forum and might not understand everything about it instantly. So just let it slide and browse around a while and you will get the hang of it. Like sc02grandam said most of it is pretty self explanatory and if it isn't someone will quickly inform you if you have done something wrong.
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suprised noone metioned it, but the search button (located at the top right side) is your best friend on this site...there is nothing that it doesnt know
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yeah, welcome and if you have questions searching is pretty muchthe best first option. you can post in any section you want, if you have questions or anything feel free thats what all these smart people are here for haha

p.s. i knew a girl from downingtown
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