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Diagnostic port (OBD II) location?

Did a search and came up blank. My financee's 03 Grand Am GT is throwing SES and ABS lights, along with traction control turning off. I'm suspecting problems with a wheel bearing (I have an odd, 'overrevving motor' sound as I increase speed) but I want to check the codes. I have an OBD II scanner, but the port isn't under the driver's side dash like it is in my Camaro. Where's the OBD II port on these things?

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Sounds like you have the standard wheel hub assembling going out on you. I have had those same lights on for a year now, no problems except for the lights. I know my port in right under the steering wheel, kind of tucked under but it is there. The hub has to be replaced as a whole unit ... about $110 from my auto store.
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yeah, you have to stretch a little first, then look directly below the steering wheel underneath the dash
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Driver's side, underneath the dash. Atleast, that's where GM put mine.
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