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Question getting a spare key?

does anyone know if our keys are coded or not? i like to have a spare in my wallet just incase i loose my keys or cant find them. and i have been told that if they are coded you cant get a copy made. i have gone to ace hardware in the past to get keys copied so if you guys know if they can do it or if i need to go somewhere else let me know.

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You can get it copied at home depot and it works fine.. The theft deterrent in the car is built in to the ignition cylinder
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I gave my cousins one for my car. I just went to my work and made a new one. The key works fine... My cousins have moved my car on me a few times.
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good to know, I kinda dropped my spare one night (read: threw it at my friend and it landed in a lot of shrubbery when I was too drunk to find it one night) and I was looking to get a replacement. Thanks!
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Since Saturn keys and Pontiac keys are the same thing, I made a key for my GA out of a Saturn key. That way, if I lose my keys they will be looking for a Saturn.
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