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Random Fuel Dump/Bogging....

I cleaned out the engine compartment with a hose. Covered Alternator, Air filter.
After this I noticed the car would bog really bad, then it would go. then it would idle rough, and then go back to normal. At the same time, I burnt a bundle of wires going to the MAF, etc.

I cut out the burnt wires, soldered, shrink wrapped etc. This really didnt fix the issue. Anyway, the problem went away.

Later on, it flooded out here, went through some water, now I have the same problem.

There is no check engine light, brought it to a shop, and they said their scanner shows the readings go whack, it dumps bunch of fuel, then goes back to normal? They couldnt figure it out and said bring to dealer.

I tried spraying some intake cleaner in the MAF.

The problem occurs when cold it seems, and at lower speeds. Anyone have any ideas?
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