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Anti-lock brakes in the morning

First, thanks to everyone who has posted questions and answers. Whenever something goes wrong with my '01 GT, I can usually find the solution in one search. I can't find anything on this problem, though.

Whenever I use the brake for the first or second time in the morning to slow down (not to change gears), I can feel and hear the anti-lock brakes working. The ground is dry and clear, so there is no reason why the anti-lock brakes should kick in.

I have been having this problem with the brakes for about a week, but it got worse today. When I slowed down for the first time, the car died and the oil light came on. I turned the car off, started it up, and backed it the 100 yards back into my parking space. I checked the oil tonight and it is low.

Are the two problems related? If it makes a difference, my coolant is looking bad and I am getting it flushed this week.

Thanks in advance.
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I would worry about the brakes later.

The oil is low and the coolant looks bad. Don't flush it out just yet. Do some reading about the LIM gasket leaking. No use dumping a system full of new coolant.
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I somewhat have the same problem, except I always feel mine whenever i hit a hump or something when Im braking.
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If you feel it when you're braking and you hit a hump the ABS is working the way it should. Basically for a moment the weight of the car is off the tire causing the brakes to lock up, resulting in ABS kicking in until you let off the brake.
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