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trader rating?

I know there used to be a trader rating system here, and I cant seem to find it. There used to be a little Itrader rating underneath everyones avatar. Was it taken out with a site update?
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it got lost in the update. i do believe its being worked on.
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Brad M
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Yeah, we need this x5.
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Since we don't have a trader rating how about a designated "Good guy/Bad Guy" Section?
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Originally Posted by lone_wolf025 View Post
Since we don't have a trader rating how about a designated "Good guy/Bad Guy" Section?
That seems like it would end very, very badly
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trader rating would be cool, i thought the was one when i first came to this site but i figured i was just losing my mind.
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trader rating did once exist..i think they just figured not to include it in the last update because it was rarely used.

one thing we're trying out on the new G6 site that we took over from Jeremy is the "reputation" system, where you can give positive, neutral, or negative rep points to people for posts. kind of similar but it applies to the reputation on the forum instead of reputation as a seller..very easy to implement and use, the only problem is moderating it to make sure it isn't abused.
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go make your own mcflurry you mcfagget
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