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Question headligths maintenance

hello friends, first who nothing I want to be thankful to those who the answers to different problems give since they have been very valuable for my this in an incredible site and the question helps much with my pontiac. me now, due to a shock I finish changing my lights and although they are new interests to me to know if there is a product or process to maintain them I am transparent without they are deteriorated so fast.
this information interests to me since in my country is expensive, each one costs around $300,00 dollars and as you have as much experience and they know but that I for that reason request his aid.
beforehand I am been thankful with its answer and if in something I can help or obtain some information them or something that needs in mexico does not doubt in asking for it and hare to me all the possible one to help them.

I hope that greetings can help me thanks from the city of mexico.
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wow, i think you may be our only member from welcome.

from what i can tell you have headlights that are starting to "fog" up, which would be due to most of the dust you would be kicking up on them, i know from experience there's a decent bit of dust and sand in mexico. we have some threads on how to restore the headlights which i can pull for you if you like, or you can run a search to find the info yourself. you want to check our forum for "detailing" for that information though.

any other questions feel free to ask..i know some limited spanish and because of a history with exchange students can understand most of your difficulties with english and get the gist of what you're saying.

ill go looking for some of those threads to help you out.

edit: don't know how hard it is to find some of these products for cleaning in mexico, i know you guys are starting to get some of our chain stores down hopefully some things can be found. i've included several threads for you.

Tooth Paste Will Clean/clear Headlights

Tooth Paste Will Clean/clear Headlights

Tooth Paste Will Clean/clear Headlights

This should give you a good start, if you need more help just bounce me a message.
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Perhaps he needs that plastic vinyl shield that goes over the outside to prevent damage.
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