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Question Headlight Socket, 2000 GT

My passenger headlight went out. I went to change it and the greenish blue socket is melted on the inside. I exposed the female sockets and cleaned them with contact cleaner and changed the bulb. Still nothing. I'm guessing the socket isn't making a good connection. I called the dealership and they said the socket (#12117260) was $59. Can I get it cheaper ie Autozone, Advance?

Does anyone know why this would happen? I've had Silverstars in for 8 months. Could they have done this?

Thanks for the help.
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$59 US for a headlight socket LMAO !

Go to Autuzone or Advance Auto Parts:
& get a 9007 (or 9004, but make sure you wire it the same as what is in your car) headlight socket with pig tail.
Probably, be about $5 (I'm guessing, as I don't live in the US.)
You solder/connect the headlight socket pigtail to the existing wiring headlight harness.
(Hopefully, your whole headlight wiring harness is not fried.)

Re: Melting the headlight socket plug
Don't use higher than stock wattage headlight bulbs (55W/65W)
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