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ss88 Gettin' there
They don't make um like they used to...

Alright, so I have a few problems with my 99 GAGT. Most electrical.

1) Fog lamps don't work (haven't investigated the bulbs yet, but fuse good and I can hear relay flip)
2) Sometimes my Sunroof won't open all the way. It seems to stick when its humid/wet outside.
3) The little lights on the Power Window switches don't light up anymore.
4)Power locks won't lock. They unlock just fine, don't lock. The alarm arms fine too.
5) For the life of me, I can't figure out my stupid head lights, they just want to point down. They look like they've been sucked back into the fender too.

Has anyone had problems with any of these or any suggestions? I know its electrical stuff and a pain, but if I told you that 1,2 didn't work on my heat, you'd know what to tell me.
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woop woop
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Welcome to the site... I'm moving this post to newbies section..

Have a read, and search the forums.. everything you've posted are common problems and the fixes have been posted here. It's highly unlikely you'll have to start a new thread around these parts, but if you do, use a thread title that's relevant to the post contents
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ryanbgb22 has made plenty of valid points
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if the relay is ticking i can almost guarentee its your bulbs
check/replace the bulbs that light up the switches
check the contacts of the unlock switch/ does it work on the pass side?
your headlights prob arent installed right, it can b a pita the first few times until you figure out the tricks.
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my a$$ feels like it's on fire
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Luxorgmblr Gettin' there
Hey did you steal mine? Except the fact that my door locks DO work both ways, I have the same probs.
Any replies on the sunroof? Also, looks like I'll get to jump right into the PWR window problem right off the bat. Neither one works.
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