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tranny problems?!!?

Ok around 1-1.5k rpms my RPM meter jumps around.. feels like it is down shifting and up shifting A LOT like it cant decide... it'll keep doing that till i get off the pedal... it just started doign it at 88,000 miles... the car never had tranny fluid change... i took it to garage to have it flushed and new fluid in... got car back..ran amazing... but 1 week later it started doing it again... someone said something about a tranny filter?
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the main reason no1 has responded to this post is because you should have searched since this is a common problem.

2nd, you should avoid flushing your tranny fluid since it allows more harmful things into the tranny. Instead, just have the fluid and filter changed.

3rd, check your sensors before digging into tranny issues...start with your MAF. Remove it...clean it...put it back...

thats all i can think of.
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yah make sure to clean the maf very good, but if the problem still persists, then check the output shaft speed sensor and the neutral safety switch that sometimes causes problems as well.
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