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JBahrey Gettin' there

anyone know of any forums dedicated to grand ams and street racing? I am curious to see how other grand ams hold up while racing different cars?
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no and dont mention it on here, dont be surprised when this thread gets locked. ill give you the low down before everyone else does. Your grand am is not a race car and quite frankley does not match up wit a lot of cars on the road. Dont be stupid and risk your life and others for a "rush". go to the track and do that. That is why they have T&T days that are open to everybody.
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you can easily figure it out without calling a spade a spade

research here will tell you how GA's hold up against others

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so I won't be sharing any longer

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Originally Posted by Graxall View Post
your a snippy broad arent u
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Ya, racing threads are a no no. Just please read the Forum guidlines before posting and asking questions. This thread is not bad. You will not get what you are looking for from this forum.

Just please search before posting and read the forum guidelines.

Enjoy and welcome
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Ajaxus Gettin' there
blah blah blah, kick horse, kick horse, kick horse..

now that that's out of the way we can avoid everyone dogpiling this thread, kapeesh?

(directed at everyone who has not posted and is tempted to)
Originally Posted by geldartb View Post
go make your own mcflurry you mcfagget
Originally Posted by [ChaosweaveR] View Post
Why do you keep thinking I'm some right wing faggot?
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