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Bring my engine back to life!

So i decided to re vamp my car from a peice of crap to something amazing. The process is coming along nicely actually but i want the engine running at 100% again. Other than an oil change last week and higher octane fuel, i havent done anything as of yet. I was thinking of doing a tune up but i want to know what SPECICIALLY i should do to the 3400 in particular to get it going at its best again. Spark plugs, wires and possibly clean the injectors, air filter... but what else can/should i do? Any engine aditives i can use as well?
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mmm turbo boost
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higher octane fuel wont do anything unless your tuned for it, you're just wasting your money. and at almost $4 a gallon....its alot

you can add a fuel filter to your list along with seafoaming, but search, this stuff has been covered a few times
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High octane gas burns slower than regular and is only useful to you if you are having problems with knock. Its not going to give you any extra power and is really only useful if you have advanced your timing or are boosted (read: tuned PCM).

A basic tune up should include:

Plugs, wires, fuel filter, oil and oil filter, air filter, and probably the front 02 sensor.
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