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blario Gettin' there
Help please , key won't turn

As the title says, the key is stuck in the off position, shifter in park. I've searched on this topic, done what a few on here have done, like turning the steering wheel (which isn't locked)

I tried to take my lock cylinder/switch out but when I try to disconnect the interlock cable, which according to Haynes should pop right out, but when you depress the tab it won't come out. So I can't even take the lock cylinder out to check it out.

Can I just cut the cable for now to get mobile?
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Lab Rat
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Lab Rat Gettin' there
It's your shifter that the end of the cable goes to. Try to "wiggle" the shifter, key might turn. You can pull the shifter out to disconnect that end. Not sure about cutting the cable though.
Lab Rat
Fear the Four
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ive had 2 grand am's that ive had this same problem with. the last car i had u could wiggle the key a little and finally get it to work. the car i have now i turn the key over....hope this helps
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Its Epic
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Not to change the subject, but do Grand Ams have steering wheel locks? I have a 2001 GT and my wheel doesn't lock when you turn the key to OFF. I read the part about turning the steering wheel to get the key to turn and that would only happen if it had a lock.
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