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joey p
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Fuel Pump Replacment

How to replace Fuel Pump, Jack car up with floor jack and then put jack stands under car to hold it up. Than to get the car higher in the air put a block of wood on top of the floor jack to get it higher and than re adjust jack stands to hold it up. Than remove the filler hose for the fuel and electrical connectors and quick connects. Than remove the two 13 mm bolts on the straps for the tank and lower the tank it drops right down. Than take the tank from under the car and put on bench. Remove the circuler clip and pull the pump out. Repeat steps to reinstall in reverse.

Took me One Hour to Complete this job. Look on an auction site for Pump it was 100 dollars insted of 300 and paying a shop 650 to 800 what a ripoff.
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