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cv axles

hello. need to replace the cv axles and possibly tie rods. sloppy turning to the right and there was grease all over the passenger side front. im also getting popping at stops and turns.

wheres the best place to buy the cv axles? autozone, oriellys?
would this be ok to attempt myself? difficulty? ive got ok mechanical ability. ive done the lim gasket repair and other things. thanks.
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It is not hard to do - but you need the right tools.
Breaking ball joints and tie rod ends (you might as well replace them while your there) since it is a 97. For that you will need the Forks
and a 3/4 toothe pusher to remove the spindle from the wheel hub.
Other then that I would recommend a lift you can b/c some times getting one of the following items can turn into a pia at any moment.

Also its does sound like your on the right track - but you will know more when you remove the tire.

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